Journal Entry — August 25, 2011

I had been typing a new blog post on the opposing of the three-runway system, and it never seems to finish. I just hope I could get it done with this week.

I’m also officially claiming my love for a book. It’s never been this official before.

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for series, that is, except TV series. (Maybe except some comedies, but you know my point.) My first reason to love this book that it is, in fact, a series, but to be more technical, it’s a trilogy. Good enough for me, a series that isn’t too long. (Though the fact that I’m starting the third and last book in the trilogy, and I’m thinking I don’t have enough.)

The second reason I love this book is the pace Suzanne used. When the things are supposed to be going slow, it’s slow; and when there’s actions around, the pace quickens. I liked it. I can’t really describe how Suzanne did it, because I really don’t know, but what I do know is that I found myself keeping on with the pace as I read the book too. Which is, like when it’s slow, I felt relaxed, when it quickens, I tensed up.

The use of suspense in between chapters and books that divided the whole plot has to be the third reason I love this book. A lot of the last sentence of each chapters create a suspense of something big that would happen in the next chapter. The whole timeline just flows all along. For instance, the main character, Katniss, discovers something big, and then the next chapter continues to describe what happened right after that.

No wonder when I typed “books similar to ” in the Google search bar, it came the second, right under “books similar to Harry Potter”, with it’s words “books similar to The Hunger Games”. (I’ll have to admit, I did not ever read a Harry Potter book, nor do I have much interest.)

And yes, does anyone has anything to recommend that is similar to “The Hunger Games”?

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