it reminded me of…

Now here’s a soundtrack I want to buy.

It’s said to be the best soundtrack of the year.

They’re all covers, with a rockier edge. LOVE!


I have to admit, I didn’t understand some of the parts in the movie.

Part of it is like in a video game, that’s what I LOVEd.

It’s so great that they had to cut the sex scene out (sorry!), or else I won’t even be able to watch this.

I so love all the video-game-like scenes. Though I didn’t really like the slimy and bloody part when they had to get the stones in the dragon’s neck. That’s too gross for me, I had to cover my eyes.

I couldn’t really believe that Rotten Tomatoes gave them a 1 star-rating, but then it actually got generally low ratings. (Though the soundtrack got generally high ratings, with about 4 star-ratings.)

I think it could at least get a 3.5 star. I couldn’t give it a 4 though, but 3.5 is a lot from me, my scale is tight, and I seldom give movies high ratings. (Harry Potter 1 got a generally low rating from me.)


Recent Obsession LEVEL-UP.

GIFs I made from my favourite scene in the movie.

This scene reminded me of Metal Gear Solid, with the snowy background. Oh how I miss Metal Gear.

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