“(the) Listening” to “Love is Dead” “When the Sun Goes Down” and watch as the “Full Moon” comes to view.

Looking at the title, it’s obvious what I’m gonna do in this blog post.

It’s a review of 4 CDs I recently bought.

The following reviews are according to release dates.

Note: I’m also going to choose my favourite SIDETRACKS, which means those that are not famous, do not have a music video, and you have probably NOT heard of it before. You can go to Youtube to search for their music videos and enjoy the non-sidetracks yourself.


Love is Dead

– Kerli

Album art: So love it! Though I’m not really liking the doll on the cover, I really like the fonts used.

Music: I love her music, it’s dark enough for me. LOL And her voice is nice.

Favourite sidetrack(s): “The Creationist”, “Creepshow” & “Fragile”

Favourite track(s): “Walking on Air”, “The Creationist”

Other comments: None.

Word of support: Support singers that should deserve more. She wrote Demi’s new song “Scream”, do you know that?

Recommend?: YES. If you love rock and darker music, I’m recommending it.




Album art: It’s okay.. I guess, nothing special.

Music: Love her music. Has quite a unique voice, and quite unique music too!

Favourite sidetrack(s): “Pretend” & “February Air”

Favourite track(s): “Saviour” & “Ice”

Other comments: None.

Word of support: Uniqueness. Support that. Yeah, and she deserve more too. (Though I think Kerli deserves more.)

Recommend?: Kinda, sidetracks are not that good though. (My word only, but I’m still a fan.)


When the Sun Goes Down

– Selena Gomez

Album art: It’s more of a 60s or 70s album, so is the album arts. I’m not really into 60s and 70s, so I’m not really diggin’ the arts.

Music: Okay. That’s the only word I could think of.

Favourite sidetrack(s): “My Dilemma” & “Middle of Nowhere”

Favourite track(s): “Middle of Nowhere”

Other comments: None.

Word of support: I might not like her music that much, she’s still a good singer.

Recommend?: I’m gonna say, maybe? It depends.



– Evita (EKEE)

Album art: HAND WRITTEN LYRICS. Love. HAND DRAWN. Love. Darkness. Love.

Music: SO. LOVE. Rock, darkness, and really unique.

Favourite sidetrack(s): None. (As this is a single which includes only one song.)

Favourite track(s): “Full Moon”

Other comments: It’s a Cantonese SINGLE. It’s “too single”. I’m saying it only includes one song, “Full Moon”, and it’s quite expensive to sell at HKD55.

Word of support: PLEASE make more music. (This is her very first song.) I hope I can find more singers like her.

Recommend?: It’s $55, and I still bought it! What do you think? DEFINETELY YES! If you know Cantonese, like rock music, and like dark music, then this is for you.


I guess I will do the future reviews with the same layout as above.

(I also want to do reviews on some CDs I previously bought too, on those which I think they should deserve more.)



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