It’s great that my blog doesn’t have much viewers.
I can vent my stupid feelings whenever I want. (Sorry you guys! I need a way to express.)
It’s not really just worse last school day, it’s like the worst day since this year. It’s WORSE than both parent’s day.
I felt like I’m useless. I just keep dreaming and dreaming, and reading, and into my own computer world. I’M STUPID!
I had been feeling like I want to cry since right after school ended, but there were no tears.
I don’t know if you get the feeling, but right there when you want to cry, but you don’t have tears, it’s just really, really bad.
So yeah, right after school, that wasn’t much of a big incident, so it’s okay.
It started with that stupid web, then the phone conversation, and now this.
I could have gone through a better day DEAD. No, really.
Not dead in a literally dead way, but dead in a status way.
I can just sit on my chair and read.
I can listen to music and escape this effin’ world.
but hey, that’ll bring me back to where I am, dreaming.
That’s me, know why I like to dream a lot?
The reality. I seriously effin’ HATE. the reality.


Wait for the Macau trip post. It just won’t be coming today. I’m escaping.

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