Journal Entry – July 8, 2011

Nope, I think some dust went into my eye.
I’m not going to cry on the bus,
Just because I’m reading a book.
I just finished the book “Positively” by Courtney Sheinmel. (Website:
It was so good.
I cried in some parts.
That’s kinda normal actually, I cry in almost every book I’ve read. LOL (The worst I’ve cried was when I was reading “The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks. I cried for the all of the second half of the book.)
The book was written in first person, I wasn’t quite use to it at first and found it quite boring and annoying like that, but till half of the book, I got used to it, and I kinda like it.
And hm… what book should I read next?


These few days was mainly IES, IES and IES.
Working my a$$ off. Though most of the time I wasn’t. (Oops!)
Had to say, I’m back to be addicted to Tumblr (maybe even more than ever), and had been blogging almost everyday already. LOL
So far, after the exams, I had tried to sleep earlier, like before 12. Sometimes I can, and sometimes, I’d just end up staying till 2. 😛


Is it just me? Or is my body really malfunctioning?
I’m getting all these weird small sicknesses.
That would be this really long list that I don’t really want to go into..


Random Note to Self (in the middle of a blog post):
Call HMV tomorrow, and check on the CDs I ordered.. What’s taking so long?!


It’s just really not the same without being able to listen to Evita do her show again at 9.. ):
I miss it a lot!! Looking foward to the book fair so I can finally buy her book. Also really looking foward to her new album! 😀


Last thing, new layout! What do you think? XD


This is a really random post. :O


One random fact about me:
I love my hair the most. I never have bad hair days. Or it’s just that even if it’s bad, I think it’s pretty. I never mind split ends nor whatever else there is.
I believe in natural. Which is why I would never EVER go perm or curl my hair.



P.S.: By the way, after reading “Positivity”, I wanna ask a question I’ve always wanted to ask.
Where does the balloon go when one floats into the sky?

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