May 25, 2011 — DailyPost (@WordPress)

If you started a music band, what would the name be?. (from May 23)

I’d LOV3 to be in a band. I would NOT be the main singer, I just don’t like singing that much. The name would be The Monsters. Had that picked out since last year maybe. LOL

I’d play the guitar or the drums. but first, I’d have to learn to play the guitar first. .v. Drum’s fine right now, I still remember the notes. 😛

Sorry, I seldom use DailyPosts for my blog, but I am soo busy I can’t afford to type too long. ): I’d come back asap after all the exams!! (With longer posts I mean, I’ll try to update every week CUS I’M PART OF POSTAWEEK2011!!! LOL)

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