if love and freedom’s all that we need.

Before anything, I think I’m starting to go all nuts remembering what I want for this year. So I’m going to blog a list later, to be updated once there’s more. LOL

Here’s the link for this entry: https://scatteredstarss.wordpress.com/2011/05/21/self-explanatory/

Then I think I’m going to talk about entertainment news. LOL Don’t stop meh.

I think I’m even going to open up a special entertainment news page, it’d include EVERY entertainment news I’M INTERESTED. (Or at least I know of and I want to talk about it.)

StarEnt! News: https://scatteredstarss.wordpress.com/category/starent-news/

I never always get inspirations, so I guess all these entertainment news could let me write something.. 😛

Hope it works!! (love to blog forever.)

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