in memory of the big ship

1912年4月10日,一艘外看很堅強的豪華郵輪首航。同年4月14日,那艘郵輪至少收到7次冰山警告。但一天後,那艘郵輪最終因撞上了冰山而掩沒在大西洋。事件之後被拍成至少21部電影,其中以1997年被改篇成感人的愛情電影最多人收看,更以著名的歌曲<My Heart Will Go On>作為電影主題曲,感動了無數人。下年4月15日就是它沉沒以後的第100年紀念了。


Diary of April 11, 2011.

Before typing the above passage, I did a lot of research. I found it kind of funny when I typed “How many warnings did” in the Google search bar, and all of the suggestions are related to Titanic.

After that I tried using the Google Translator to get the english version because I was too lazy, and this was what I get. 😛

April 10, 1912, an outside look very strong cruise ship voyage. April 14 the same year that the cruise ship iceberg warnings received at least 7 times. But the day after, that the final result of the cruise ship hit an iceberg and disappeared under the Atlantic. After the incident was made into at least 21 films, of which the article was changed in 1997 into a touching love most watched film, but also to the famous song <My Heart Will Go On> as the movie theme song has touched countless people. April 15 next year is its first 100 years after sinking commemorated.

Oh well!


-Shooting Stars

Blog entry typed and finished on April 11, 2011

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