Ever wondered what happens when you Google A-Z?

Maybe now, you do.

Explanation: When I Googled A-Z, I didn’t click “Enter”, that’s cus it would only return “A” at Wikipedia as its first search result. What I did was typed “a” in the search bar, and let it load. It returned with this

With its recommended keyword search, it returns with the most popular web word.

So you see what I mean?

And now you must be wondering why do I have the time. LOL

I don’t.


List of Googled A-Z

A- Amazon.com
B- BestBuy.com
C- Craiglist.com
D- dictionary.reference.com
E- eBay.com
F- Facebook.com
G- Google.com
H- Hotmail.com
I- apple.com/iTunes
J- Jetblue.com
K- Kohls.com
L- Lowes.com
M- Mapquest.com
N- Netflix.com
O- Oldnavy.com
P- Pandora.com
Q- Brainyquote.com
R- Rei.com
S- Southwest.com
T- Target.com
U- USPS.com
V- Verizonwireless.com
W- Weather.com
X- Xbox.com
Y- Yahoo.com
Z- Zappos.com

Well, I tried to search with clicking “Enter” after each alphabet too, this was what came out.

A- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A
B- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B
C- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_(programming_language)
D- Digitalmars.com/D
E- Eonline.com
F- finance.yahoo.com/q?s=F
G- mail.google.com
H- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen
I- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I
J- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J
K- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K
L- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L
M- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M
N- Addictinggames.com/ngame.html
O- Cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/o/default.aspx
P- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P
Q- Qthemusic.com
R- R-project.org
S- finance.yahoo.com/q?s=S
T- finance.yahoo.com/q?s=T
U- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U
V- abc.go.com/shows/v
W- Wmagazine.com
X- Xtheband.com
Y- Yahoo.com
Z- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z

11 of the alphabets came up with Wikipedia as their first search results.

Only 1 alphabet came up as the first result was the same without clicking “Enter”: Yahoo.

So yeah, it seems like Yahoo is quite popular eh?


How about LITERALLY A-Z?


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