Everything’s gonna be okay. Someday.

May all of you have a very very goo Christmas..

I was scrolling through some of my old entries, and I found this. So, yeah, the DVD’s gonna be out this Friday. (April 8, 2011)

And I’m gonna be her fan for a year in another month. Official date is May 1, 2010. It was around that time, because I didn’t realize I liked her until some time later, so it’s actually around late-April.

I remembered I was so scared when I first liked her. I was kinda depressed too back then, what with all the exams and stuff. So one of the memories listening to some of her songs was getting depressed, that’s why I still haven’t watched the musical, and never listened to those music until now.

This year had been kinda amazing, I felt like what I felt when I first liked Miley.

It was actually kinda similar. I spent a lot until I’m broke. Miley left twitter before (and came back recently!!), and my room’s just full of their stuff. LOL

Next week’s gonna be the World Vision Famine, wish me luck and I just might be there. 😛

I gotta work hard these 2 weeks, with 3 tests and a draft on a project. (Oh yeah, and a composition.)





Except it’s not really whatever anymore.

Yeah, someday. Just someday. Everything’s gonna be okay.

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