Reality vs. Reality – Influential Powers

The first post on “reality versus reality”.

How about a Q&A first?

Q: Why did you started this series?
A: I got the “influential powers” idea first, and gave a little thought about it. So as I was thinking about it, I figured there are a lot of these kinds of “life cycles”.

Q: What exactly is a “reality versus reality”?
A: Its a series on the reflection of problems in the society.

Q: What other ideas are you gonna do in the future?
A: Honestly, I don’t know. I just type what I feel like typing.

A: Oh, and I also know there are a lot different sides to all these opinions. And all are my own opinions only.

Q: Right now, Are there any other ideas?
A: This idea was from 你睇我唔到 from radio 903 tonight. The DJ was talking about “Freedom of Speech” VS. “The Reality of Freedom of Speech”.


Influential Powers

I got this topic as I was doing my Liberal Studies homework on Express Rail Link (XRL). I was researching for different POVs. There was this passage written by a biology teacher.

A Biology Teacher, on Hong Kong Express Rail Link. Many people might NOT actually think that it would be convincing. Well, what the hell, I guess no one will be convinced. It’s like a child talking about politics, who would believe them and hear their opinions?

HOWEVER. (There’s always a “however”.) Why are children always encouraged to speak up, raise their own opinions? Yes, I believe that children have the right to speak, and I do think that that their opinions are the most precious because they are still innocent and know nothing to this world.

Children are encouraged to voice their own thoughts, they are told that even though their voices are small, they still made an impact on the society. It is just like the passage done by the biology teacher. But then as you turn your head around, you would not listen to these people and would not give it a second thought, just because their voices are too soft.

Where exactly is our problem? Try asking this, why do we have to only listen to those that are more convincing? Why do we ignore those small voices all around us?

Ask ourselves that, try listening to these small voices, and you will be surprised, because such small voices might contain some thoughts that you have never think about before. Thoughts that could broaden your views to this society. Thoughts that could even change your point of views on the problem.

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