The Glassy Heart -//Mushroomland -//Photo Diary

More mushrooms from the mushroomland // 再嘔多幾隻菇出嚟

from Chinese notebook // 中文筆記簿

ICT Book Compulsory 2 // ICT書 Compulsory 2

(Those from Compulsory 1 will come later // Compulsory 1嗰啲未影)

Drawn on Halloween // Halloween嗰日畫嘅


oh, it’s here….


so the body is here….the head is……on the other side of the photo……….



November 27, 2010

Art at Fotan (火炭)

Final Draft

This is supposed to be on the mushroom………………

Although I’m going to die from hunger, in fact, my stomache had started to ache, but now looking at the photos I took, it brought me back to that freedom I felt that day. I just like being alone, not carrying something heavy, and just take random photos. Well, not necessarily alone, it’s fine when with friends too.

Remembering that day, it was really late when I leave, but I didn’t care about the growling stomache. To tell the truth, when I leave that day, I was overwhelmed by happiness and the feeling of freedom.



*Remember the photo below. // *記住下面幅相。

Lunch at 5.30 that day in 7-11. // 嗰日5.30係7-11食..


November 28, 2010


Draft // 草稿 (November 26, 2010)

Final Ver. 1

I kinda like Ver. 2 better by the way.. // 其實我比較喜歡第二個..

Final Ver. 3 (Yes, this is the 3rd version.)

*The above two Photoshop-made picture is from the sky of the photo above. // *呢兩幅嘢個背景係由上面嗰幅相嘅天空度嚟㗎。

Saw this on my way to Fotan. // 去火炭嘅時候見到。(November 27, 2010)

I have nothing to say….. but YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~

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